Marine Finance

Once you’ve decided on the boat of your dreams, financing it is the next step. As a specialist provider of marine finance, we can help. Choose the arrangement that suits your needs…

Balanced payment plan

Monthly repayments remain fixed throughout the agreement. The estimated term of the agreement will vary according to fluctuations in the interest rate. As well as sterling, we can offer this in both euros and US dollars. This can be particularly favourable if you have an income in these currencies, as there is no exchange rate risk.

Interest Only Mortgages

If you have an increased deposit available, we can consider an interest only period. Your payments will cover the cost of interest only for a certain period – for example 12 months – with the facility then reverting to capital and interest repayments for the remaining term. The larger the deposit you have available, the longer the interest only period.

Balanced payment plan with a balloon repayment

A balloon payment is a final lump sum payment. With this facility, monthly repayments will be lower – and will be fixed for the duration of the agreement. The agreed amount of the balloon payment will become due and payable with the final monthly payment.

However, the amount of this balloon payment may vary according to fluctuations in the base rate. For instance, if the base rate has increased then this will increase the amount of the balloon payment.

Our clients include every type of organisation from small local businesses through to international corporations and public sector organisations.

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