Garage Equipment

In the UK, health and safety laws and carbon emission targets have conspired to make life that little bit more awkward for garage operators, vehicle repair and MOT test centres.

Garages are constantly required to comply with new legislation and regulations on waste disposal, emissions and safety, many of which require the installation of new or updated equipment. Purchasing such equipment can prove inordinately expensive, which is why many garage operators are advised to lease items instead of buying them.

Fulton is a leading provider of garage equipment leasing in the UK, Offering flexible terms, fixed contract periods and extremely competitive rates.

Garage equipment leasing provides a convenient and cost-effective solution to the problem of renewing or replacing tools and machinery. There is little commercial sense in purchasing large and expensive equipment when the same items can be leased at a reasonable rate over a fixed period of time.

Our clients include every type of organisation from small local businesses through to international corporations and public sector organisations.

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