Asset Finance

Prudent capital investment planning is an important part of all successful businesses. Organizations of all sizes depend upon careful investment at the right time, yet often cash flow is tight and therefore the decision about how to fund is critical.

Funding Options – The Alternatives

Use your own funds to purchase an asset and you may well starve your business of vital working capital – essential for the day-to-day development of your business. A short term a bank overdraft may be invaluable but the cost of running an overdraft can fluctuate with interest rate changes making budgeting difficult and unpredictable. Banks will usually insist that other assets are used as security and this will adversely affect your ability to secure additional credit lines.

Our expertise is geared to helping you acquire the right assets at the right time at the right cost. Often the assets will be security itself, leaving your business free to arrange other lines of credit and your working capital intact.

Improve your cash flow and increase potential profits with asset finance. Why use valuable cash when asset finance allows you the flexibility of choosing whether to purchase an asset or benefit from using it, over a number of years and pay for the asset out of future revenue.

Some Assets We Fund

  • Forklift

    Forklift Leasing & Finance

  • Automotive Technologies

    Automotive Technologies

  • Optical Equipment

    Optical Equipment

  • HGV Trucks & Trailers

    HGV Trucks & Trailers